Thursday 2 October 2014


Feng Shui Vaastu Shop- established formally qualified Feng Shui, Vastu and Tarot experts & Energized Feng Shui-Vastu article dealers in Bangalore since 1980 - for homes, businesses, plots & offices.

Feng Shui Vaastu Shop and Spiritual Centre boasts of a range of 500-1000 specific types of Feng Shui, Crystal, Vastu, Pyramid and other spiritual energized objects. The spiritual objects are imported from around 7 countries. Collectibles and artefacts of Feng Shui are curated by the spiritual experts from various sources locally and abroad. Spiritual objects are provided with guidance as per motives of individuals, date of birth, property, profession or as spiritual remedies for life issues etc. Free energizing and Complimentary consultation are provided by our spiritualists for all purchases.

Tarot Predictions and Guidance is available for those who are facing life issues, need solutions and guidance. Property Vastu Consultation and Feng Shui Consultation is available for businesses, residential properties and commercial properties. Personal Feng Shui Consultation is done for individuals to boost various life aspects. 

WEBSITE:- http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.comDr. Prema, Dr.Prabhu, Dr. Rathi- 9008269652

Energized objects available:-

  • Yantras for any and all purposes 
  • Crystals used in Reiki, Fengshui and Healing 
  • Wands and Healing stones 
  • Pendulums 
  • Pyramids - wooden, metal, fiber and crystal 
  • Symbol plates used in Vastu and Feng Shui 
  • Windchimes 
  • Hangings and Fengshui decorations 
  • Coins, amulets and pocket charms 
  • Cashbox, Wealth Vase and Pyramid box 
  • Gem trees- semi precious gemstones and coin trees 
  • Metal Vastu objects 
  • Resin Vastu and Fengshui objects 
  • Scrolls and tapestries used in Fengshui 
  • Fengshui posters 
  • Buddhas and other Feng Shui god statues 
  • Fengshui animals and bird statues 
  • Bagua mirrors, dhrishti mirrors- convex and concave 
  • Fengshui plants- bamboo, jade, syngonium, fengshui fern and more 
  • Fengshui remedies for property defects 
  • Toilet correction plates 
  • Door defect correction objects 
  • Vastu correction objects 
  • Himalayan Rock Salt lamps 
  • Himalayan Rock salt chunks for toilets 
  • Himalayan Rock salt for bathing and mopping 
  • Singing Bowls 
  • Tibetan Bells 
  • Large 1 feet to 2 feet statues- Feng Shui 
  • Feng Shui water fountains 
  • Turkish evil eye motifs 
  • Beads, pendants and bracelets- Fengshui & Crystal use 
  • Rare fengshui imported collectibles 
  • And much more

Image and Content copyrights- Feng Shui Vaastu Shop and Dr Rathi Prabhu.

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