Friday 10 May 2013

My most valuable client

Very often we come across these subtle messages from the universe through a person, situation or thing. Some people choose to call them signs, some call it a coincidence or some just think its upto us to interpret any situation as per our subjective experiences. For me, as a Feng Shui expert, counsellor and Tarot reader, this thought provoking experience was from one of my clients.

He got my details through Just Dial and came in search of me from the other end of Bangalore, the exact opposite direction of my shop and spiritual centre. He had taken an appointment at 2, missed it and turned up at 5, politely apologized on call and informed me that he'd wait for me at the shop. On reaching I noticed that he was visually impaired. He spoke to us and opened up about his family, how he lost his sight and the difficulties he faced as an individual, especially owing to the fact that he lost his sense of vision during his childhood. I have annoying clients asking me why I dont have many more branches and how its difficult for them to come to come to Rajajinagar from Malleshwaram because it is inconvenient or far for them, some even lack basic courtesy and respect towards highly educated respectable people, some lack courtesy and professionalism. Here, a visually challenged person came in search of me, took an auto, from a place around a minimum of 15-20 kms from his house, did not speak a word about inconvenience, rather thanked us for the service and complimented us, said he felt better after coming over to our holistic centre. He took an appointment, he was respectful, polite and extremely well spoken. I guess most of us have a lot to learn from him.

What I noticed among people since the days when I used to study Psychology and counsel people or work with my father who is a Psychiatrist, is that many people who have lost something this significant tend to become bitter, pessimistic or distrustful. It may be loss, it may be bereavement, separation or some deformity. It disturbs, limits and challenges a person beyond their tolerance. Sometimes it takes years of therapy, enormous amounts of support, compromises or the right kind of help to just get people back on their feet even when everything is alright and its just a slump phase of depression.

Yet with this client, it was the opposite. He was a gem of a person. He chose to be optimistic despite everything that was going wrong for him. He chose to smile and make others smile, even though far too many people exploited, used or took him for granted- every day is struggle he said, but its no reason to give up. He accepted help and guidance through the tarot willingly and noted even the negatives, looking forward to the positives. His courteousness, humane streak, politeness, humility and warmth blew me over. I hardly come across anyone these days who possess this degree of collectivism, patience or warmth. For all that, he is one of the most articulate, highly educated, multi-lingual, seasoned and well informed individuals I have ever come across. Let alone among people who have some so called infirmity due to hereditary causes. Sight he said, the loss of which, only made his other senses stronger. His siblings with the same condition are all Vidhwans in various fields of art, he himself is a national level chess champion, a master degree holder who communicates proficiently, better than professors in the top institutions in Bangalore, where I studied. He declined CEO, MD positions in many small companies, since they did not do justice to his qualification, experience, expertise and the capability he possessed with his skills in the managerial level.

I hesitated to compliment him, because it would sound condescending coming from someone younger, yet I could not hold myself back from appreciating this gem of a person. A tarot session with him was worth a lot to me as a counselor and as an individual. I dont think he'll ever know what difference he made in our lives that day, by who he is, what he chose to do with his life, the values he held strong and the way he battles life every day of his life and still trusts people and continues to have faith and hope. He made me realize the value of what I have, what I should be as a person and what I should aspire to achieve, that no one and nothing can stand in the way, that nobody and no infirmity should tarnish the values we embody. I am thankful for such experiences, such gems of people that I come across in this holistic profession. I am contented, extremely grateful, altruistic and continue to stay strong to my values because of such inspirational virtuous individuals who are exceptions in this decadent world today.


~Dr Rathi Prabhu~