Monday 19 August 2013

Spiritual Courses and Consultation, Bangalore

Qualifications and Titles: PhD Holistics and SpiritualityPG Vastu, PG Feng Shui, PG Numerology-Nameology, PG Astro-gems & Crystals, DPC-Psychotherapy & Counselling, BAMS and MD- Alternative Medicine, Healing and Certifications in- Vastu consulting, Feng Shui consulting, Runes and Tarot predictions, trained energy consultants, Reiki Grandmasters in Usui system and Karuna System, Magnified Healers, Crystal Healing experts, trained to use grids, crystals and yantras, Pyramid Vastu consultants, Yoga masters, Kundalini and Shakti channels. We are experienced, qualified holistic experts in Bangalore since 1980, hailing from a saint lineage. Our senior expert has personally been initiated into this field since her childhood. She has professionally practiced and taught spiritual disciplines with an altruistic approach since 1980 on a one to one basis, training and initiating very many people into this field.

Description: Spiritual Courses and Consultation is a spiritual center for holistic education, training, learning, obtaining professional holistic certification and creating awareness. The Spiritual Centre is associated with Feng Shui Vaastu Shop, Bangalore. Professional courses are provided with initiation, attunement and professional training- one a one to one basis and workshops.

Courses offered: Usui Reiki-degrees 1, 2, 3A and 3B; Crystal Healing, Colour-Chakra Healing, Tarot Reading, Karuna Reiki- degrees 1 and 2 and Master level, Magnified Healing, Runes, Tarot Predictions, Yoga, Advanced Yoga, Shakti Kriya, Kundalini, Crystal Healing, Pranic Healing, Mexican Healing and much more.

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